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Hi my name is Sam Rivera and I’m raising money to acquire a Food Truck to continue a Philadelphia BBQ Tradition.

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During the summer of 2021, myself and, brother from another, Brandon Washington of Ron’s Ribs, brought back the legendary cuisine his father served for the city to enjoy. Ron’s Ribs was once a staple in the city, serving the best BBQ the city had to offer. Unfortunately, the business lost its steam for a multitude of reasons, one of which was the passing of Ron Washington. However, with my skills and the insight of Brandon, we’ve been able to continue the tradition of serving this great tasting BBQ. We hosted pop up food opportunities all throughout the summer, which resulted in us selling out every time towards its end.

Now, Summer 2022, we did our first pop up of the season at Herman’s Coffee. We advertised about the event, the day of, thinking it would produce a small turnout. That was not the case. The turn out was overwhelming, to the point where we ran out of food before we closed. From that experience we determined that the city wants our food, which has brought about this fundraising effort. 

With your help, we plan to acquire our own Food Truck!



Serving  some of the Best BBQ FROM PHILLY 

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